Empowering consumers to fight climate change

Welow APIs enable banks, fintechs and retailers to help their consumers reduce their environmental impacts and adopt sustainable behaviors.

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Measure the environmental
impact of your products

Consumers are increasingly aware of the challenge of climate change. They are ready to buy more sustainable products. Help them navigate your catalogue by providing environmental data for all your products.

Two exemples of product emission measures, with "organic t-shirt" categorized as "moderate" and "orange juice" categorized as "low"

Provide the right level
of information

Build trust with your users and customers by providing detailed environmental information. Among other sources, Welow relies on Ademe and PEF recommendations to perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and provide environmental indicators.

A break-down of carbon emission sources for a product (split between raw material extraction, manufacturing, transport, usage, end of life)

Offer product alternatives
to your customers

Based on the environmental information, suggest product alternatives to your users and customers to help them reduce the carbon footprint of their consumption.

A visual representing alternative options to replace a product with a high carbon footprint

Have questions ? Get answers.

What does Welow do ?

Welow develops a platform to automate the measurement of the environmental impact of consumption and integrate it into the retail experience. We conduct product lifecycle assessments (LCA) to inform consumers about the impact of the products they purchase. Additionally, we have developed an API for banks to estimate consumers' carbon footprints based on their spending.

Is Welow part of Greenly ?

Yes, it is a spin-off specialized in automated LCA. Welow uses Greenly data and expertise to develop eco-scores for it's clients' websites.

What does Welow offer for retailers ?

Welow designs retailer-targeted APIs to automotically compute the environmental impacts of their products. Thanks to our API, we can therefore estimate and display Carbon Scores for millions of different references from a retailer, like we did for Manomano or Fairytale.

What does Welow offer for banks ?

Welow's long-established API is based on monetary flows. We measure environmental impacts of expenses and help banks (such as BNP Paribas and Credit Mutuel) to integrate them into their user interface.

How does Welow measure product environmental footprint with the LCA method ?

In line with ADEME recommendations, Welow uses the Life Cycle Analysis methodology to measure carbon footprint and other impacts at each stage of the value chain, from cradle to grave.

Does Welow only measure Carbon Footprint ?

On top of carbon emissions, Welow evaluates other environmental impacts of a product, taking into account all 16 Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) indicators.

What is an emission factor ?

An emission factor is a coefficient that enables conversion of activity data into emissions. It is the average emission rate of a given source, relative to the units of an activity or process. When you create an emission factor, you can select the unit from which you want to convert the data into the unit that you want to use to measure your emissions.

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